Monday, January 12, 2009

M.I.T.T. and the Downfall of My Fellow Man

Wondering if anyone out there has heard of a frisky little organization called M.I.T.T. (Mastery in Transformational Training), a group-awareness program out of California.
A long-time, good friend of mine is deep into the training, a program whose beginner course starts at around $500, with proceeding courses charging up to $1200-$1500 bucks.

He had been telling me about this stuff for weeks. One evening, I went over his house to catch up and just hang out. The second I showed the slightest interest in the MITT program, it didn't stop.
He began referring to me as if I had already committed to the program. When I would ask him a question about it, he would involve me in the explanations, (you will find this out, you will see this, this will happen to you), never once just explaining what they do.
After extensive research I found this helpful blog: I found out about the owner of the company, how she bought the Lifesprings company (which had been subject to lawsuits involving suicide, and psychological illness) and formed this new company, probably with a plan to modify, reshape, and upgrade.
Now the company's mission doesn't seem so wrong, however preventing participants from advancing due to inadequate recruits or "enrollment", well that my friend is called a scam, belonging to yet another ill-run business..
A cult is kind of like a religion, often "considered unorthodox or spurious", says the Merriam-Webster dictionary. This program, isn't even worthy of being a cult. It is a straightforward scam. There are cultish attributes about it, in the way they mold weak minds and prey on the unsure and insecure, but the overall assessment is that they're all money-grubbing whores. One more recruited to them, means eventually another. Another $500.
In this program, they teach you that money doesn't matter. So then, why do I have to pay you $500?
I'm ready to flip out on this Margo Majdi woman.
Let's think about this for minute here: so an "educated hairdresser" (?) from Holland buys the rights of an otherwise failing fraud of a company, and basically just changes the name. After assessing all the lawsuits and filings, they adjust their programs to fraudingly reflect a more "positive" mission statement. These "life-changing experiences", and "break-downs" hit so far home for some people and are articulated by the speakers so intensely, that they truly take it as something that has saved their life. It all becomes clear, and they are no longer afraid. So when the time comes to start "enrolling" other people to the program, it's hard from them to not enroll, because they've become so passionate about the training.
Classic cult. Masked under a seemingly hopeful mission of transformation. Now my friend freaks me out beyond belief. I've known him for about 15 years and now he's completely brainwashed by these people, and can't even find the sense to trust my words.
The weak mind won't always be weak. That's what I think life is about: learning from others and from your mistakes. Unless you're 100% mentally retarded, you will not go through your whole life brainwashed. Reality, at some point, has to kick you square in the face. I'd call this Margo Majdi out so hard on being the coldest, most heartless woman I've ever heard of, all just to make money off the weak minds.
What is the NEED for these businesses? Do people need to make money that badly and that menacingly and that easily? Why can't these people just write books? I'll tell you why: PEOPLE ARE AFRAID OF REALITY. Our economy, society, and government suck. Instead of revolting, people rise above it. "If it makes me a little money, screw em". Tobacco companies, banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, and especially online companies, along with these MITT-type spiritual-recruitment-bru-ha-ha, are just a bunch of twisted clowns laughing at consumers. While Billy slits his wrists after losing all of his friends after only trying to "enroll" them, Margo Majdi sits in the Caribbean, sipping champagne.
MONEY ISN'T THAT IMPORTANT! People have their standards, and they need to be lowered. SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY. Have less, need less. All these toys are unnecessary. Cars are unnecessary. Consider the outside as your home, and your actual house, just a shelter from the storm. Wander and walk, ramble and talk. Why do you need a job? There are things growing out of the ground that you can eat. What's so bad about being a "bum"? Why is it called a "bum"? Not all the bums are on a "bummer", you know. A lot of them just didn't feel like conforming to this mess of a world we live in, and I don't blame them. I would much rather hobo from train to train then conform to this appalling place we live in.
These poor people, victims of traumatizing pasts and families. If only they knew how big the world is, and that wonder and satisfaction can be found in their surroundings at hand. Write about, draw it, become a part of it, but don't get screwed by it. "If you're good at something, never do it for free", and "Instead of walking a common path, blaze one's own" come to mind. Enough of this hustling, bustling system. REVOLT!!!