Sunday, January 2, 2011

Man, Oh man

So we're sitting here drunk now are we? Where have all the cowboys gone? Not Paula Cole but a distant fellow, among folk like john wayne and james dean
"Yeah, we've seen this scene"
But how propelling into a metallic age of gadget junkies,
strung out on how it all may be improving
Can steal your gut right from your hip
It's a trip

Drinkin with my buddy's only good with creativity
In a mellow bar steeped in good times, longevity
Isn't that like a chameleon;
To change rods so I can better reel ya in
The green gods took my back,
And I let em stack
Upon my head
The golden thread
of Wisdom
In my mind, of something strange
Although I feel not all alone,
Where are these

Are you deep inside her or murking about her?
Keep your wits about you*
I'm not sure how you see,
but I see nothing but humility
amongst my peers
(although some with the strangest of ears)
My only fears,
are that this cat
and that cat
won't seal the rap,
and that cat
ignores the tree sap
any longer
time to get stronger
Shut up, shut up, shut up

Endless sprouting blossoms of the cascading rains, fall over my head in bed.

She is there
Who is there
Why is she there
and When
I stare, or glare
Leave it not for the powers that be
but with the power that is in me
The power of love was given to us;
From a sprouting, vegetating, blossoming, enduring, proudly noble Tree
and there which it came from.

Jappers in the mornin'
Snappers in the evenin'
Tripping on nothin' but lemonade and Wallace Stevens
Tryin' to teach
without tryin' to teach
And if it seems like I know something you don't know
then maybe it does

Sleep oh sleep
This only ode of mine
is for you
To fall asleep without a thought in the head
Except "Wow my comfy bed"
And we'll bid you goodnight,
when we're ready,
And until then,

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