Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Daily Grievances - December 13, 2015

Seems like the older I get, things just seem to be getting worse. Someone once told me it would happen, but I thought they meant things like responsibilities and financial troubles. I didn't know that it would end up coming down to just straight-up stupid people.

1. Why do Massachusetts drivers drive so slow in the winter? You'd think by now, they'd be used to the season and how to drive in it. But no, a little white on the ground (or none at all), and it becomes cautionary. Just today I even saw someone with their HAZARD lights on. If you don't trust yourself or your vehicle in this weather, move somewhere else, or purchase a vehicle with All-Wheel-Drive.

2. Having to pay $600 for a new phone that won't die in one hour. I cannot afford this, nor would I ever spend that money on such a stupid little item. So, I chose to buy a used and discontinued phone, the battery of which does not last more than an hour or two. On top of that, the phone does not charge unless turned off. So not only am I missing calls, texts, and notifications, but I'm also not able to get back to people for hours on end because I can't turn my phone on.

3. Facebook. The narcissistic age is upon us, full of selfies, memes, posting pictures of accomplishments, and the like. If we are ever to become a humble race, then this invention needs to cease operating immediately.

4. The word "maybe". It is probably my least favorite word in the world, and I am all for boycotting it out of the dictionary and out of the human language. The range of indecisiveness in this country is staggering, especially with women. If I ask a woman to meet me out for a drink, and she says "maybe", I take it as a no, and I also never speak to her again. People need to learn to just say yes or no, regardless of the outcome. Maybe is a stupid word, a dumb word, and it's reserved for stupid and dumb people. People that I would rather not have crowding my life.

5. Homeless people who have NO PURPOSE in their lives. After reading Kerouac's "Dharma Bums", I have no sympathy for homeless people who stay in one city their whole lives, eating hand-to-mouth and washing every dollar and coin away on alcoholic and narcotic perishables, never once spending a whole day in the library reading books of wisdom, grit and fulfillment. The Dharma Bum travels, he makes friends and connections, he climbs mountains, and he prays for everyone in the world. The homeless folks I see are almost like a different race altogether. They are a tumor, and those who feel bad for them have been suckered in.

6. Lastly, I am developing a real problem with people and their phones. Everywhere I look now, people have their heads down. This is the "Heads Down Generation", for sure. Zipping their fingers across a tiny touch-screen for minutes and minutes, which turn into hours and hours. Or going to a concert or event, and documenting the whole thing with their phone; 500 audience members with their screens in the air, as if the human memory has ceased on a global scale. But it's not so they can keep a pleasant memory on their phone. It's so they can post it on Facebook and try to convince people that they are living better lives than them. The only people I approach, or even talk to, or those who have not produced their phone since I've started noticing them. They take the world in as they should, sensitive to the many fruits and delicacies of this great planet.

Wise up, Head-Downers!

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